13 SEER Air Handler

Air Handler with Micro-Channel

  • Resists Corrosion with a Micro-Channel Coil: A leaky coil can cause system malfunctions and unnecessary headaches. This air handler includes an all-aluminum Micro-Channel coil to eliminate instances of formicary corrosion the number one cause of coil leaks.
  • Increased Durability: The galvanized steel outer shell coated in a highly-resistant, polyester-urethane finish helps resist corrosion and protect the inner workings of the air handler.
  • Completely Insulated Cabinet: This air handler includes thick insulation for the prevention of noise and cabinet sweating. The insulation is a whole inch thick and has an R-value of 4.2 for complete sound reduction.

This air handler with Micro-Channel coils offers exceptional fixed-speed performance. The B6BMMX is durable the cabinet and coils both withstand corrosion exceptionally well. Pair this air handling model with a split-system air conditioner or heat pump and enjoy powerful cooling capabilities.

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13 - 19 SEER ECM Variable Speed Air Handler

  • Best Home Comfort Levels: With longer run times at a lower speed, the variable-speed motor in this air handler is able to provide excellent home comfort. Your home will remain at a much more consistent temperature and the noises associated with operation will be minimal.
  • Limited Noise Associated with Operation: When the blower kicks on and off, you wont be bothered by excessive noise.
  • Steel Exterior Protects Interior: In order to achieve premium protection, this unit is constructed using galvanized steel coated in a corrosion-resistant, polyester-urethane finish.

For maximum performance, efficiency and comfort, you wont be disappointed with the B6VMAX air handler. When properly matched, you can enjoy premium performance levels and exceptional home comfort for years and years. Ask your contractor about appropriate system matches and see if the B6VMAX fits in with your home comfort system.

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Up to 15 SEER, Single-Stage, Split System Air Conditioner

Up to 16 SEER, Two-Stage, Split System Air Conditioner

Up to 25.5 SEER, iQ, Inverter-Driven, Split System Air Conditioner

Up to 15 SEER, Single-Stage, Split System Heat Pump

Up to 16 SEER, Two-Stage, Split System Heat Pump

Up to 22 SEER, iQ, Inverter-Driven, Split System Heat Pump

80% Single-Stage, Fixed Speed

  • Warm Start-Up Temperatures: This unit features a 30-second blower delay. This helps ensure a warm duct temperature when the furnace kicks on eliminating an initial cold blast of air.
  • Numerous Product Quality Checks: Repeated quality checks ensure that every gas furnace that leaves our factory is produced using the best practices. This model is checked 234 times before leaving the factory.

Pair the Broan KG7SA or KG7SK gas furnace with the appropriate coils and cooling units and you can expect energy-efficient 80% AFUE heating performance. Although a minimum efficiency unit doesnt seem like the go-to for energy savings, it can be a significant upgrade to an old gas furnace. Furnaces produced even 10 years ago were not held to the efficiency guidelines of today. Your old furnace may only be rated at 60% or 70% AFUE (not even including the efficiency-decreasing effect that the years can have on a unit). This unit is available in upflow/horizontal and downflow configurations.

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15 SEER Single Package Heat Pump - Small Footprint

14 SEER, 8.0 HSPF, Packaged Heat Pump - Small Footprint

  • Resistant Coils: The two coils included in this packaged heat pump are highly corrosion-resistant to limit instances of coil leaks.
  • Backup Heat Capable: This heat pump comes with an electric heat strip that can provide 20 kw of backup heat capabilities.
  • Inside Components Protected: This unit includes a wire coil guard and never-rust mesh hail guard for protection against balls, hail, lawnmowers and more.

Are you looking for an efficient, packaged heat pump? The Q7RE offers 14 SEER cooling and 8.0 HSPF heating in a small footprint for ease of installation. Talk to your local contractor today and find out if this particular electric heating and cooling model is right for your home.

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20 SEER Gas/Electric Pack, iQ Drive, 2- Stage with Variable-Speed Blower

  • Coils Fight Instances of Corrosion: In order to avoid coil leaks, this packaged unit includes two highly corrosion-resistant coils.
  • Quiet iQ Drive Performance: This gas/electric packaged system operates at extremely low sound levels.
  • Exceeds Efficiency Expectations: ecoLogic products, like this one, qualify for the label because of their energy efficiency, use of eco-friendly refrigerant and additional home comfort features.

This particular gas pack model offers the highest cooling efficiency available at a staggering 20 SEER! It also offers premium comfort and performance. Homeowners who have this gas/electric packaged unit wont be disappointed in their choice particularly when utility bills roll in.

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95% AFUE 14 SEER Gas/Electric Pack Two-Stage Heating

80% AFUE Two-Stage Fixed Speed

  • All-Around Home Comfort: Multiple stages of operation offer consistent home temperatures. This unit operates in two heating stages for premium home comfort.
  • Improve Your Cooling Efficiency: Additional efficiency is a major perk of properly matching your indoor and outdoor system components. This gas furnace includes iSEER technology, which can help boost the cooling efficiency of your 13- or 14-SEER cooling unit by up to 1-SEER point.
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation Levels: Noise levels are kept to a minimum with the included insulated blower compartment.

The FG7TA and FG7TK Broan gas furnaces offer reliable performance and more consistent temperatures throughout your home. These furnace models operate in two stages to ensure premium home comfort levels. Through proper system matching, you can achieve 80% AFUE heating and maybe even a boost of cooling efficiency if paired with a 13- or 14-SEER cooling system.

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